Wednesday, September 25, 2013

School Bells Ring

Okay I've been terrible at updating my blog. The last time I wrote, it was cold outside. I'm ready for that cold weather to return! I will say that the Texas heat wasn't near as bad this year as it usually is. I am thankful for that. We spent most of June at the pool. By mid July we were wanting to do more fun things. Landry did learn how to swim this summer. That was a huge accomplishment! We went to Sea World for our first ever family vacation. I think it was great (other than the 100 degree weather!) We also visited some family that live close to San Antonio. I think the kids had just as much fun at their house feeding the cows and catching grasshoppers as the had at Sea World. We missed Uncle Jakie this summer. He landed a summer internship in Austin. We were able to visit him on the way to Sea World. The kids sure did miss him!

Before we knew it summer was over! About a week and a half before I had to go back to school for staff development, I started to get a head start on unpacking my new room. Our principal made some changes and had me move two doors down. I spent two days (not really a full two days because my children wouldn't stay up there that long) putting things up on walls, unpacking some boxes. Friday after I left, my principal called and asked if I wanted to teach 3rd grade. I've taught 1st for 5 years! I know how to teach 1st. I'm comfortable teaching first! But I decided to stop outside the box and tell her I was up for a challenge! And it has been a CHALLENGE! They are much more independent but still loving (at times). Most of them can read. The ones who need extra help have already been identified and are getting help (that was a huge struggle in 1st grade!) However, the pressure is OVERWHELMING! I have 20 kids who HAVE  to pass the Starr test whether they are good test takers or not. The state of Texas has decided to attach test scores to teachers' teaching certificates. I want so badly for these kids to be successful. I'm continually working towards figuring out how to get through to them. I could go on and on but I will just say that I definitely have my work cut out for me this year! I sort of feel like a new teacher again.

Colt started the employee preschool program at a school that is less than a mile from my school. Landry is still at the daycare in Forney. Jared has started sharing the morning responsibilities with me by taking Landry to school and I take Colt with me. So far Colt has gotten two sad faces at school for not keeping his hands to himself. But it's been two weeks since hes gotten a sad face so hopefully the punishment worked. Colt turned 5 and Landry will be 3 next week. Time sure flies by. Landry is definitely my challenging child to say the least. She pushes everything to the limit (including her mama and daddy!) But she is just so stinkin cute, I can't ever get too upset with her.

These pictures are in no particular order

Sunday brunch with the family

First day of Pre-School

feeding the ducks

Cool kid in the pool

Someone found a baby frog

Taking a ride on a trailer with some friends

We're at Sea World

Brave boy about to ride a water roller coaster

Awesome dolphin show

They were amused!

Landry's first roller coaster

Colt finally was convinced he could hold a grasshopper w/out it hurting him

swimming with daddy

Our Sunday best

lunch at memaw and pepaws

Birthday boy

Birthday boy with Chuck E Cheese
Oh, one more important detail, Jared and I started attending a new church. We have really enjoyed it. It's a little different than what we are used to but they have an excellent children's program which is so very important to us. I'm sure I've left out some details but duty calls. It's the kids bedtime. The older they get, the more I realize how much I appreciate their bedtime. Colt loves to say a prayer with us every night and now Landry is starting to want to pray too. The quietness in the house when they're both asleep  is pretty great too. :)

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